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Terry Richardson creates furor by depicting women as waif thin silhouettes in ad campaign for Equinox.


Kids I’m of the opinion that Terry Richardson can’t even go for a walk into his local bodega without stirring up the pot, then again that’s probably why we give the wench so much attention in the first place- cause he keeps us amused as he straddles the aesthetics of proprietary and good taste. Which brings us to the latest Terry ‘I can’t wait to piss off a few media shops episode’ Richardson:

Deciding to go with Terry Richardson, Equinox, a health club with aspirational tendencies to the affluent have Mr Richardson shooting their latest ad campaign. As usual everyone looks super ‘hawt bixch’ status except there’s something not quite adding up with the images presented to us. As one facebook member on Equinox’s facebook page relates:

“Why did all of the models have a runway physique? Equinox is promoting health and fitness, so I would like to see some healthy and fit women on their ad campaigns who look like they could actually survive a typical Equinox class.. Can we maybe see a little bit if [sic] muscle on the ladies next time around? The Nike ads are great examples of strong, fit women!”

“Fit is the new skinny!”

“Another couple million spent on the degradation of women. Good work fitness guys.”

Degrading women? Who Terry Richardson? That hardly sounds like him kids. I am convinced of it. Really it’s just his way of showing us he knows better and that he has an appropriated sense of what women should look like at all times- slinky, near non existent silhouettes perenially strutting to the beat of a haute couture runway beat. But then again can we really blame Mr Richardson? After all he’s just serving us up the glam that we’re all so desperate to have in our life.

So what real women aren’t being depicted here. Who said anyone cares about reality when selling health memberships, but at least the guys look buff, but then again they’re supposed to be, never mind what women are supposed to be. Right?

Or then again it could all be a ruse on behalf of Equinox trying to gets its money’s worth….

Did Terry Richardson ask a freelance model for sexual favors in exchange for a picture?