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Actress wannabe Lina Sands is the new Angelina Jolie look alike.


Kids the resemblance is uncanny but it seems this tape which was first released back in 2009 has suddenly started to gain traction as it’s centerpiece Spanish actress Lina Sands speaks into the camera extolling for us why she’d like to be actress Angelina Jolie‘s stand in (I guess minus the heavy Spanish accent that Lina affects which on any other day would have me gashing my navel to get closer to…).

Watching the actress who reveals she has studied acting for the 3 last years soak it all in one is compelled to reflect how very similar her appearance resembles that of Angelina Jolie, which is a fairly scary idea considering that somewhere out there in the world, right now there’s someone who looks just like you.

The best part of the snippet is when Lina is asked to take down her hair. Watching her take down her hair frankly is like watching your favorite dish of roast lamb agave sizzle in the oven (for you vegetarians out there switch for eggplant squash, but you get the idea…) I’d be willing to bet Angelina Jolie only wishes she had just as much lush and vibrant hair as this woman does. Never mind, one day in another lifetime, Angelina Jolie will be publicly confessing how much she could be a Lina Sands stand in.


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  • Guest

    She looks like an equal parts mix of Angelina Jolie, Rachel Bilson, & Annalynne McCord.

    In photos & in the other video with the Johnny Depp look-alike, the resemblance to Jolie isn’t as strong.

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    She has a heavy Swedish accent, not Spanish!

  • dfgdfr

    Wannabe? Looks like youre the important blog wannabe. Bad mistake with the title.