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UK’s most expensive streets to live in. Seven make it Kensington and Chelsea- London


Back when I was living as a young man in the fashionable district of Holland Park Avenue, London my rent was relatively inexpensive. Which is to say I could somehow get by as a student. I’m afraid 15-20 years on that’s just wishful thinking as Campden Hill Square which was down the street from our apartment has been nominated by Lloyds TSB to be the most expensive address in all of England, with an average property price of 4.86 million pounds for an average property.

According to the telegraph, previous occupants of Campden Hill Square have included: Prince Edward and the Duchess of Kent, playwright Harold Pinter and Lady Antonia Fraser, and Sir Paul Brierley Smith, the fashion designer. Lady Sarah Riddell, the widow of Sir John Riddell, the 13th Baronet of Riddell, and Lord Mark Fitzalan Howard OBE

Campden Hill Square

Then there these other 9 expensive neighborhoods too…

Going down the list of top ten most expensive properties one notices an interesting trend. That most of these expensive properties are within the district of Kensington and Chelsea (6 in all) Drayton Gardens (3rd – £4.43m), Dawson Place (4th – £3.89m), Duchess of Bedford’s Walk (5th – £3.86m), Cadogan Square (6th – 3.68m) and Bramerton Street (9th – £3.52m).

Which is to say like New York City where I now live prices for certain parts of town stay well above the average benchmark. Which is to say whilst the rest of the nation may be experiencing housing busts and mortgage crises not certain enclaves as these properties maintain the interest of well to do financiers, entertainers, artists, corporate chiefs and of course as is now the passing trend the aspirations of the global super rich whoever they may who all wish to exact a certain prestige and comfort of life by vying to live in certain streets which by definition are limited and thus bid well on.

Moving on with the chart: Away from the capital, the most expensive streets are mainly in the home counties. Properties on Leys Road in Leatherhead, Surrey, have an average price of £3.1m, the highest outside London, putting it at number 13 in the list. Other pricey streets include Moles Hill, also in Leatherhead (18th – £2.6m), Nuns Walk in Virginia Water, Surrey (22nd – £2.57m), and both Phillippines Shaw (27th – £2.35m) and Wildernesse Avenue (28th – £2.3m) in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Which is to say the UK is hardly a place to live if you are bereft of cash but not a bad place if you can ratchet a few million where you will be in the company of some well established people. Let’s hope one of them let’s me come as a house guest next time I go to visit…

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Parkside, Merton, Greater London, SW19
Drayton Gardens, Kensington and Chelsea, Greater London, SW10