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Canon Boutique at Willoughby’s- Picture Perfect!

Photography by John Wenrich.

Lights. CAMERA. Action. 

Three Hollywood words to describe a quintessential New York night. Of course, as all things New York go, the night had a twist: the cameras themselves were the stars of the show.

The night celebrated launch of the Canon Boutique at Willoughby’s, the oldest and arguably, most beloved, camera store in New York.

“I’m proud to launch the Canon Boutique at Willoughby’s, where one can experience the power behind the brand and appreciate Canon technology, showcased in a distinguished setting allowing one to touch, feel and try,” said Willoughby’s CEO Joseph Douek.

Distinguished setting is right. With the guiding hand of Willoughby’s Creative Director, Alex McCord (Real Housewives of New York) this historic store has transformed into a haven for all things camera, tech, or just good old entertainment.

Willoughby’s CEO Joseph Douek to the left.

“We wanted to modernize the store and create a true destination spot for New Yorkers, pushing the boundaries of the regular shopping experience and making it something more special,” said McCord.

With a sleek new look, complete with a skyline of the city and posh, fully stocked bar, the mesh of Willoughby’s history with its modern up-do creates an undeniably chic Manhattan atmosphere. The night’s theme commemorated all things New York, with Red Apple martinis, Manhattans, deli-inspired appetizers and decor that played on our most decadent, New York-bred habits, in an oh so sophisticated manner, of course.

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Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen

  • NYCArthur

    Great story, great pics, too.  Wish I were there.