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Will you be wearing the etsy ‘Pepper Spray Cop’ t shirt for the holidays?


The irony is all too palpable, but really what did you expect? Capitalism triumphs all!

huffpo: After the pepper spray attack on protestors at UC Davis this weekend that was seen around the world, one enterprising artist on Reddit decided to turn the now-famous image of a cop casually blasting pepper spray in people’s eyes into fashion — with a solid message.

So what was initially an affront on protesters (protesting the economic disparity in our system) has in essence become an economic largesse for some clever thinking soul who had the fortitude to realize no matter how much some of us are disgruntled by the display and use of aggravated force on protesters, the protesters have in turn turned around and begun acquiring the shirt which has come to symbolize the friction of challenging what many suspect to be a stacked game.

What perhaps makes this even more ironic, is the fact that the meme of the shirt is how the protests were able to find their collective attention. Yet instead of the movement gaining ground, a forward thinking artist has been able to profit from the fracas of bad police behavior, courtesy of Officer John Pike (who was seen casually pepper spraying protesters). The only thing that remains is if Etsy will be sending the officer a cut of the proceeds?

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