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Mall store now offers 7 year olds the opportunity to buy crotchless thong underwear.


Why deprive 7 year old girls the experience that certain older girls get to have?

A store which goes by the name of Kids N Teen has finally agreed to stop selling crotchless thong underwear designed for prepubescent girls. The mortified owner has defended herself after a customer posted images of the crotchless underwear (one suspects for awe inspiring sex, but do 7 year olds have sex?) by saying that 25% of her merchandize is for teens. Which leaves open the question is 75% of the rest of the merchandize designed for very young girls or mature women- either way the existence of crotchless thong underwear for 7 year olds in any store forces one to wonder where do shop owners find the courage to sell such items and furthermore what parent in her right mind is buying this for her child? Unless of course 7 year old girls are getting buoyant weekly allowances which would allow them to shop for such must have items….


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