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Alon Jibli celebrates his birthday at Barbounia and how…

Alon Jibli to the left.
Alon Jibli to the left.

The room buzzes with energy. Dashing men in tailored suits twirl women in billowing dresses. Champagne bottles pop and drinks overflow with the fizzing, bubbly liquid. Plate after plate of heaping food is served, signature dishes of the Mediterranean restaurant Barbounia. I relish every bite—this is the best Mediterranean ive had in New York City.

In the center of it all is Alon Jibli—an owner of Barbounia and the man of the evening. We gathered at Barbounia for a sumptuously hedonistic celebration for his birthday. Familiar faces of the nightlife scene were spotted, along with the usual array of fashion models. Alon graciously greets each guest, knowing most by name and welcoming all with open arms. It was a night to be remembered—a grand celebration with friends old and new, each smiling and celebrating the birth of one of New York’s premier nightlife cats.

Socialite extraordinaire Ricardo Garcia and his harem.
Two hawt bixches.
Pretty revelers (but what did you expect...?)
'Yes Alon everyone is here for you!!'


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  • Karina Chayevsky, DDS

    I like that photo of me saying” We’re here for Alon”. I like my massage! Haha
    Dr. Karina Chayevsky