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Horrifying video: Bull gores matador into his jaw and out his eye as spectators gasp in horror.


Just last week authorities in Barcelona, Spain announced that bull fighting would soon no longer exist as a spectator sport and perhaps with good reason as reports are now circulating out of Spain about how one matador, Juan Jose Padilla, yesterday endured the wrath of one particular bull.

So visceral were the matador’s injuries it is said that the bull gored Padilla through his jaw with it’s horn pushing out past his eyeball. Not an injury one would ever want to write home about…

Exclaimed the matador whilst being rushed to hospital bleeding profusely:

‘I can’t see, I can’t see anything.’

As the video shows, the attack begins circa 4..25 as the matador is being challenged by the matador when he trips and is pinned down to the ground where upon he is then gored.

As of press the matador is in critical condition, having undegone a 5 hour operation, where surgeons used titanium plates and mesh to reconstruct part of Padilla’s face.

Going forward Padilla is expected to sustain facial paralysis and the loss of sight of one eye.

Despite Padilla’s injuries yesterday, animal activists have been arguing all along that the animals are subjected to all sorts of debasing inflictions, including the piercing of the bull’s largest muscle- it’s neck and the gouging of its own eyes with vaseline forcing it in most instances to only see black as it enters the ring- hardly the fair fight of goliaths as these events are marketed which Catalanian groups have been arguing the restitution for since the announcement of last week’s ban perhaps as a fight for their independence by proxy from Madrid, the country’s capital.

No word as of yet what authorities have in store for the 1200 pound bull, called Marques, that gorged Padilla but even Padilla would perhaps agree all is fair in love and war. Or would he?

Bull:1. Matador: 0. Spain: -1.




  1. Morantista do u really think is a fair fight when ur bollocks are strapped up so u r in agony, u get stabbed in the back by pathetic cowards before u even get a chance to fight for ur life, u r a bunch of cunts and this should be made illlegal or ur kids should take the place of the bull and c how much u like i then

  2. This brutal sport needs to be banned NOW. Not because of the injuries to the Matadors, but because of the torture suffered by the bulls.

  3. So the bulls are having a good old time and look forward to being in the thick of it? Or perhaps the reader is looking to being in the thick of it?- The Editor.

  4. Another ignoramus mindlessly repeating the lies anti’s continually spread. While a bulls neck muscles are weakened they are still capable of goring and killing as has been demonstrated repeatedly throughout history. No vaseline is used as good eye sight is crucial for the Matador to be able to control the bull with the cape–a bull with poor eyesight is much more dangerous. A bull charges movement–how can they charge a moving cape they can’t see? What has happened to journalistic integrity? Apparently it’s nonexistent nowadays. Repeating lies as if they were facts only demonstrates what a mindless robot you are. So if PETA says the bulls are hypnotized to not charge or hurt the matador are you going to repeat that as fact too?

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