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17 year old girl dies in agony after suffering allergic reaction to hair dye

Dead in 20 minutes...
Dead in 20 minutes...

Dead in 20 minutes after unwittingly applying hair dye that would eventually kill Tabatha McCourt.

Here’s the description from the dailymail, in a nutshell it describes the torment one young girl was forced to undergo as a consequence of using hair dye:

Tabatha McCourt, 17, was watching the X Factor on TV when she ran screaming from the bathroom of the family home in Airdrie, Lanarkshire, pulling on her hair and vomiting before she finally collapsed.

Friends told how Tabatha’s eyes started to roll and she began having such a violent fit that it took two people to hold her down.

The article then goes on to describe how the paramedics were then summonsed and that in the end were unable to do anything for her.

Reading this tale one has to wonder a series of questions:

Did the product come with proper instructions of how to use it, that is to say was only a small dollop to be applied intermittingly? After all we are dealing with hydrogen peroxide.

Did the product come with user warnings or health warnings of any sort and if not -should it have? Or was Ms McCourt simply overzealous in her application of the product?

Do other companies come out with cautions on their packaging and if not so have there being recordings of individuals in the past suffering the same fate as Ms McCourt?

Should have Ms McCourt sought the professional help of a hairdresser rather than haplessly applying this product, as one would expect a hairdresser to have a much deeper knowledge of what hair products can and can not do and how they ought to be used in what quantities and frequencies.

Was this perhaps an instance of the bottle or product being contaminated and if so have there being other instances of health issues or was this as is most likely a situation that something about the chemicals reacted after frequent use (as it is reported as Ms McCourt was known to do) to the young woman’s very unlikely and sudden death.

Reflects Emma Meredith of scientific research of the Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfume association:

mirror.co.uk: To have such an immediate and violent reaction to this or any other cosmetic product is exceedingly rare.

“Generally we see two different types of allergic reactions, one of which is delayed and often happens after a person has used a product more than once. It tends to be localised to the area of the body where the product is used and develops between 24 and 48 hours after it has been applied.

“Then there is the type of reaction that it appears Tabatha may have had, which comes on almost immediately and takes hold of the whole body.

“We don’t know if Tabatha had any predisposition to allergies but any kind of reaction would be more likely in that case.

As of the moment, police are treating her death as ‘unexpained.’

Stranger things have happened. Let buyer and user of external chemicals be warned…