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The travails of Facebook: To Friend or Not to Friend: That is the Question.


Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is a free-for-all networking website to which all members are equal.

There are some unique trends to knowing when or when not to friend request certain people.  For instance, the fairly new alert of FB sending the message, “…please only friend request this person if you actually know them”. I thought this was a networking site!!

In my experience, most celebrities (official pages) openly accept as many people as possible as their “fans.”

So what is the deal when you see their name pop up suddenly to the right of your profile page as “people you may know”?!  Wait, I thought we were friends!!!  It can’t be that the Johhny Stech Depp and I are no longer connected!?  Why did he accept in the first place only to see that he still is on the network! Hmmm

Maybe it’s a better idea to friend only people I know in order to decrease risk of being defriended!  But wait…certain types who actually know me personally have either deactivated from the site or are still there with that beautiful button we all know. SEND FRIEND REQUEST!  What?!  I really do know you and why aren’t we connected anymore?!   Was my life irritating to you?  Did you have enough of seeing pictures of my travels?!

This is worse than a break-up via text message because it lingers the question…”why?!”

Then there are the types who will connect with whomever just to reach that 5K limit point.  I guess people are priding themselves on who can reach the max and have to start…get this: Two Profile Pages!  Or even a fan page.  Everyone wants to be a celebrity these days.  Maybe that’s why celebrities defriend others on their way to being.  After all, they dont like being out shined.

The key here is folks to not worry so much who is on your friend list.  The ones who disconnect probably were sending you bad vibes anyway.

Stay strong: it’s a tough popularity contest out there regarding who or not to friend in cyberspace!  Stick with your gut and blow it off is someone you once or hoped to know and you are no longer connected.  They weren’t your friend anyway!!!