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Researchers fear penguin nursed back to health and returned to the wild may have been eaten by predator.


Life is never fair is it? But maybe that’s just a man made construct after all.

Researchers are fearing the worst after a tracking device attached to a penguin, which ended up more that 400 miles off course on a NZ beach has stopped sending signals pursuant to it being sent back to the wild.

The penguin, nursed back to health(it got ill after mistaking sand for snow which it ate) was recently released back to the waters (an international treaty prohibits the penguins being released directly back on Antartica but rather in an area where other similar penguins abound), but suddenly this past Friday, Happy Feet’s, (as the penguin was nicknamed) transmitter stopped operating. Which is to say it ceased sending signals of Happy Feet’s movements.

Various possibilities have been offered as to why this may be so, including the transmitter falling off, the penguin spending an insurmountable amount of time under water thus precluding satellites from receiving a signal, an electronic malfunction or the grizzly possibility that Happy Feet ended up becoming a ‘happy meal’ for a larger predator.

The moral of the lesson? Life knows life and as much as it aspires to this one must make exceptions for other instances that life can never entirely understand life, which is all a round about way of saying maybe Happy Feet ended up being eaten or maybe Happy Feet ended up playing a slick one on researchers. Only time will tell…


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