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Forever 21 wants to let young girls know that they are too pretty(stupid) to bother with algebra.


What is it with clothing manufacturers that insist patriarchal roles for men and women?

In today’s fashion gaffe comes the release of fashion brand Forever 21 with their new female line that dictates that women are best suited to looking pretty and not having to bother too much with using brains, cause that’s implicitly what guys do.

The store which caters to teenage girls in this author’s opinion does a disservice to young women by advocating that what’s preferable is looking the part, because science and maths that’s something guys should stress over (because one day they have to be the bread winners whilst the woman just looks the peachy part.

Of course what makes this campaign even more offensive is if the line carried the adage Hungry for Algebra for a guys line no one would be the wiser because once again it’s a boy’s role to be smart and the bread winner.

So much for equality for the sexes, never mind a backward thinking fashion line.


  • MCD

    If they had a ‘Hungry For Algebra’ shirt, I’d buy it – for my DAUGHTER! (I don’t happen to have a son. If I did, I’d buy it for him, too.) Something like ‘Hungry for Algebra’ is an education-positive message, as opposed to declaring that a certain subject is something to be avoided.

  • Simon

    I would have thought that if a guy was wearing a “Hungry for Algebra” shirt they’d just get mocked, like I did at school for being the loser that would go to state math competitions each year.

  • Simon

    I used to get mocked for being good with numbers when I was at school… With the current political climate a shirt that implies “I’m a bit stupid” would be widely supported for either gender.

  • I have a great idea for a girls’ T-shirt! One that says ‘Allergic To Asshats’ with the Forever 21 logo. I went shopping there recently; I want my money back.