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Fighter jets (needlessly) escort flight to JFK after passengers refuse to come out of bathroom


Nothing says “Caution” like two F16’s trailing a passenger flight to New York on 9/11/11.  The show of force was motivated by a report to TSA that passengers on board American Airlines Flight 34 were behaving suspiciously.

NBC New York found that the two or three passengers in question were nothing more than a few drunks who kept holing themselves up in the bathroom.  AA spokeswoman Andrea Huguely said the fighter jets were news to the flight crew on board; flight attendants and pilots saw no real cause for alarm, and the other passengers on board had no idea that there was even an incident until police met their plane after landing.

Don’t mess around with TSA, though; they heard something suspicious, then called in the big guns from LAX.

I suppose this is to make us all feel safer, part of the initiative of vigilance we saw with Hurricane Irene.  I see a big waste of money, but maybe that’s just me, always the optimist.  If police and TSA officials sees fit to scramble over a few rambunctious drunks, that’s their prerogative.  Maybe they can start responding to those sots who keep puking on my stoop, as well.