Home Fashion Electric Feathers Spring/Summer 2012, an Electric Feat.

Electric Feathers Spring/Summer 2012, an Electric Feat.

Photography by Alissa Lentz. Electric Feathers

I walk in to a dark room. Hooded figures bend over a deejay booth, creating a tantric atmosphere with their beats. Models stand on white podiums under stark spotlights. A gorgeous woman sings, simple melodic melodies escape her lips instead of words, mixing with the electronica. This is Electric Feathers, Spring/Summer 2012.

The collection is sleek, with excellent tailoring and just the right mix of tones and fabrics. Cotton with earthy tones mixed with shiny lame and splashes of color create a realistic line that continuously excites and surprises. Completed with gorgeous large printed tote bags and shiny lame scarves, worn both wrapped around the neck in a traditional fashion and around the head for an exotic twist, complete the collection.

Although I am not typically a fan of parachute pants, Electric Feat

hers did them very well. By pairing with sleek bra tops and flame silk lame belts, Electric Feathers managed to make parachute pants look flattering and elegant.

The jumpsuits were creative and expertly crafted. With its attention to detail and flattering fit, the clay silk noil infinite rope jumpsuit is a simple, but show-stopping piece.

The dresses in the collection were by far my favorite part. With simple and comfortable fabrics such as cotton gauze, the dresses are sure to flatter any body type while creating an air of sophistication with the beautiful cuts.

Electric Feathers created a statement out of simplicity while stirring the senses with shiny silk lame fabrics and pops of decadently bright colors.

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