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Does Heather Morris’s new photo shoot glorify domestic violence, or is just ‘art?’


In some round about way, it’s probably what Tyler Shield, the glam photographer of Glee TV star’s Heather Morris could have hoped for: the media world getting worked up that one of its heroes crossed the line in his latest celebrity photo shoot. But did he really?

In a series of admittedly mesmerizing images, Shield goes on to portray America’s favorite up and comer, actress, Heather Morris in troubling images. Well what Hollywood would call troubling (perhaps if Ms Morris’s clothes were tattered and her features not so beguiling we could wonder if Mr Shield had chosen a real life scenario of domestic violence).

Shocking sensibilities includes the starlet being portrayed with a black eye (do such things happen to beautiful people – surely not could be Hollywood’s response) and her being tied up with an ironing cord. Why? Cause even Barbie dolls get ‘roughed up’ countered Mr Shield the current darling of Hollywood who’s been clever to court as much press as possible in his continual slog up the fame hill.

Frankly one has to wonder if Mr Shields was really adroit about exploring domestic violence why he didn’t go the full tilt and add the cuts and bruises and tears and the torn dress. But then again there’s only so much Hollywood can stomach and once the fuss dies out will all go back to yawning as Mr Shield frankly pissed away an opportunity to say something definitive about violence, the plight of women and the fragility of relations and even women who look like Barbie, well especially the ones that look like Barbie. For now it’s Hollywood and the media using transparent shock tactics and most media outlets playing along. How trivial and opportunistic Mr Shields.


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  • TruthJustice

    I don’t know what the purpose of this photo shoot is but, check out the disgusting reaction to the abuse of a man:

    He wanted a divorce, she poisoned his food, tied him up and severed his pen!s

    On CBS’s The Talk,cutting off a man’s pen!s is “quite fabulous”, LOLOLOLOL

    Now that certainly glorifies and encourages domestic violence against men.

  • The more you know …

    No sane person would say that this photo shoot glorifies violence. Why on earth would Morris and Shields do that?

    If someone wants to say the photo shoot showed poor judgment, is in bad taste, is crappy art, purposely manipulated mainstream and social media to gain attention … that’s all fine and good. I might even agree with some of those assessments.

    There’s too much real domestic violence in the world that goes unchecked. If activists want to vent false angst over a model’s makeup, they lose credibility and weaken their ability to fight real violence.