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Bon Chic! Fashion intern flies to Italy just to pick up a yard of fabric.


Chic. These are admittedly the first thoughts on my mind as stories abound how fashion house Proenza Schouler sent one of their interns packing on a plane just to get them a yard or so of fabric for the very necessary collections which start tomorrow.

Of course whilst it all sounds glamorous, (I demure I too make my interns do glamorous things time to time as well, such as running down the street to bring us flush tomatoes so I can make us a zesty lunch or reaching over to the wine cabinet when the world refuses to agree with me…blah) the intern didn’t at one stage set foot outside of the airport. (Bixches)

Upon receiving the necessary yardage, the intern immediately hightailed it back on the plane and back to NYC.

Reflected the intern: “She thought it was so glamorous to fly to Italy.”

Don’t you wish someone gave you a chance to intern for Proenza Schouler could give you a chance so you too could realize your dream of becoming a hapless fashion intern next fall?