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Bankrupt hustler/poseur Justin Ross Lee rumored to be pawning diamond ring

Diamonds are forever...
Diamonds are forever...

Here’s something that just rolled into my Iphone inbox text message 17 minutes ago. And it’s pretty juicy…

Pursuant to our collective derelict darling Justin Ross Lee being forced to acknowledge that instead of a high roller with a flourishing business, wallet and social standing, Mr Lee has been forced to look for a one way ticket to the North Pole.

But in case you’re wondering how Mr Lee intends to pay for his one way ticket (let’s not forget he’s still living in his $2700 a month apartment that he is $2697 short on next month’s rent) comes the following text. Let’s all brace ourselves kids….

(this message came via a very popular jeweler who has a presence in the industry ….)

tipper: Little birdy just saw JRL try to sell 10 carat diamond band for between 10 to 12K.

Me: More information please:

tipper: 10 carat diamonds all the way around emerald cut diamond band

But kids I have one question, where did Justin get the diamond band? After all I don’t recall reading about that one besides the old Gucci tennis shoes being one of Justin’s few remaining possessions…well there’s a will, there’s a way. North Pole or bust…

Justin Ross Lee would like to carefully explain how he has ended up bankrupt and a local embarrassment to all poseurs.

Who is the 16 yr old Lauren Amanda sitting on JustinRoss Lee’s lap?

Nightlife: Rich Thomas (nearly) beats the crap out of Justin Ross Lee.

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  • TheTruthShallLetYouFree

    Justin is very well known for dealing Coke (the drug) and other synthetic drugs to barely 18 and underage kids that actually beleive he is worth something. All cash that does not get recorded. He braggs about this often after a few drinks.