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College student’s grades preclude her from graduating, so she invents kidnapping story for her parents on her supposed way to graduation.


Parents: they just don’t understand.  The lies we have to weave in order not to let them down! When that tried-and-true rape-on-the-way-home excuse spreads too thin, you can always say you were abducted-by-gunpoint alibi.  Best not to get the police involved, though.  God help you if they catch wind of your little white lies…

The El Paso Times reports that when Lucina Marquez Gayosso, 23, failed to achieve the necessary grades to attend graduation (which was natural since Lucinda never bothered turning up to any of her classes) she decided rather than tell her parents the truth she’d make up a fantastic whopper as to what preempted her from making it to her graduation ceremony. That’s when Lucinda came up with a story about her being kidnapped…

As any mother would do, she called the cops, whose “extensive police search” ended less than three hours later when they found Lucina unharmed.  She said the bandits had released her after they realized they had kidnapped the wrong girl. Hmm.

Subjected to rigid questioning (I’m betting Juarez police officers might take kidnapping quite seriously…), officers poked out the holes in Lucina’s story, and eventually Lucinda admitted that it was all a big lie.  She left home for social work classes every day, but did not actually attend. And, in case you are in need of further evidence of Lucina’s (half-baked) skill in deception, she even bought a cap and gown to fool her mother.

I am tempted to feel sorry for this Lucina for succumbing to such desperate measures to oblige her mother, but maybe the jig should have been up a little sooner than police-involvement. Lies get exponentially trickier the more people get involved, and I hope this girl learned her lesson.  For shame, Lucina, for shame.

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