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After Hours at Krause gallery.

At Krause gallery.

A large crowd of beautiful beatniks spilled out of Krause Gallery and into Orchard street Friday night as the After Hours event saw it’s biggest turnout of the summer. Why had everybody braved the rainstorm
and risked weepy eyeliner due to the smoldering humidity? Because there was good art and there was booze. What more can you ask for?

Maybe some live street performance art… oh there was that too. So, all the bases for a good ‘ol artsy time were pretty much covered thanks to host John Wenrich and gallery owner Benjamin Krause. With an installation by Jeffrey Owen Ralston the likes of Scooter LaForge, Jonathan Federico, Rachel Singer, and Valentine Amartey teamed up to create a wonderful performance piece. A large inflated structure similarly shaped to an oversize lude, housed a simulated beach environment complete with sounds of the sea, tanning lights, painted ocean waves, a sun, and a white terrycloth-covered cot. The performance included a doctor-like figure painting the almost naked body of the performer as they lay on the cot wearing tanning goggles.

Brightly colored designs, flashing lights, illuminated crystals, and neon fuzzballs adorned the subject’s body. The crowd gathered and grew around the sea spa bubble in the middle of the Lower East Side while¬†the gallery windows framed other performers wearing anatomically painted suits.

Inside was bright and abounding with inspired energy as a result of the works by Jordan Eagles,