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Troubled star Amy Winehouse observed to have bought a lethal mix of Special K, ecstasy and cocaine the night prior to her death.


Prior to Ms Winehouse’s death, Janis Winehouse, the singer’s mother, acknowledges meeting the singer just 24 hours prior to her death, and noting that her daughter seemed quite out of it, but today she revealed at the time of their last meeting that her daughter had told her “I love you, Mum.”

On the surface of such reports one can’t help but be beguiled and irritated that the public and indeed her immediate family were quite aware of this young woman’s capricious disposition to go overboard to the point of self castigation and just bear it. On one hand the media reveled in the attention of another session of bad behavior, her fans adored her no matter and even her local neighbors, who had last seen her go on a drug purchasing expedition did nothing or very little to address this woman’s kinetic descent into self mutilation. But what could anyone do when the perpetrator insists on derelict behavior?

One could almost argue, the real art that this young woman had created wasn’t necessarily the music she had created, but the strange and obscene performance art piece she called her daily life. One can only wonder what type of morbid fascination the public had watching this woman again and again sink into self oblivion. But that perhaps was part of the appeal and expectation that one has of their stars. The idea that it can ultimately lead to a kind of capricious public death, or martyrdom hardly registers until we see the dead woman’s casket being hauled down the street and the world suddenly turns around and grieves violently as the final curtains of this woman’s life, performance comes to a close.

A very bitter close indeed…



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