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Study: Marriage is more satisfying when the wife is THINNER than the husband.


Is it time you put your wife on the scales?

Scientists are claiming pursuant to a study of 169 newly wed couples ( a low sample size off the bat) under the age of 35 over the course of 4 years that the happiness ratio of their marriage steadily declined for couples of every size ratio over the course of the study.

The study looked at the BMI of both partners and found that if the husband’s BMI went up at a rate exceeding the wife’s than the husband still retained some degree of happiness. It’s when the wife puts on the pounds at an accelerating rate that the grief comes in.

But the study makes the caveat that as long as the partners BMI’s are relative to each other as opposed to an absolute BMI both partners were happy. Which is to say, as long as the wife’s BMI was lower than that of her husband’s, the husband were significantly happier than those who had the same BMI or a higher one.

Holding income and depression constant researchers found that the results still translated the same: as long as a wife’s relative BMI to that of her husband is lower the happier the couple.

Says doctoral candidate Andrea Melzer: ” The great take home message from our stud is that women of any size can be happy in their relationships with the right partner.”

Notwithstanding the complexity of relationships, the moral of the lesson could be read as follows: men will always be visual, and that despite what many men qualify as attractive qualities of their spouses, for many young men, it often comes down to physical attractiveness. Who would’ve thought?