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Sauage factory worker dies a gruesome death as co workers watch him get chewed up feet first.


Co workers watched in disbelief as grinder ripped a conscious Michael Raper leg’s off.

Michael Raper, due to be married in February of 2012 died a gruesome death when he accidentally slipped and fell feet first into a grinder at a sausage factory where he worked.

As he fell, co workers sought to frantically stall the machines as they began to swiftly mince his legs off, but in the end it was all too late.

dailymail.co.uk: He said they found Mr Raper, who was in charge of cleaning the machine, trapped and added that it took a further hour and 45 minutes to free him.

‘His legs were caught in an auger,’ Lt Thornton told OKNEWS.

‘They used a forklift to stabilise the auger while cutting it in two, lifted up the auger and pulled him from the machinery.

Still alive at the time of the trauma, Mr Raper was then immediately taken to Comanche County Memorial Hospital where he died the following morning, this past Wednesday, due to his severe injuries.

The father of 4 was commemorated by his fellow co workers as well as the firm itself, Bar S foods, where the chief executive, Tim Day added:

‘We extend our deepest condolences to the employee’s family, and we are committed to helping them and employees get through this difficult period.’

At present the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is looking into the death, but as it stands Bar S Foods has a positive history of record.

In the end what can one say but accept that life at times is full of peril, even when you’re involved in the seemingly numb task of making a hearty sausage for fellow consumers. Alas…may Mr Raper rest in peace….