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Runaway horse caught speeding through down town traffic cameras


Behold a pale horse, galloping across your car, in the heart of down town traffic….

The Daily Mail, at times a home for purple prose, came up with this gem of a description of a runway horse in downtown Meppen, Germany:

“This cheeky horse has absolutely neigh regard for speed restrictions.

“But unfortunately for the runaway, he didn’t realise that unlike fields, roads are covered with speed traps.

“And he had more than a long face after police checked the roll of film and caught him galloping along the busy main road in Meppen, Germany.”

The owner eventually caught up to the horse, and police had a laugh when they saw the picture from the speed camera.

Imagine what else these street cameras capture—could be an entertaining job.  A voyeur’s dream career.

We also have to wonder how the other horses leading their carriages on the street reacted to their kin running wild.  Personally, I’m surprised it was not mane-hem on that street.

  • Heather Lewis

    “SADDLE UP for one heckuva story!”

  • Katelyn Pearce

    “Sounds like this horse was UN-STABLE!”
    “Somebody didn’t know how to HOLD HIS HORSES!”
    “That’s when the cop said, Hey, quit HORSING AROUND!”