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Mother loses custody of her new born child after failing opiate drug test because she ate a salad containing poppy seed dressing.


Have you ever had a false positive testing?

Eileen Bower had the misfortunate upon giving birth to a baby boy of being separated from him because she failed a Pennsylvania mandated drug test given to all new mothers.

The state holds that in the event of testing positive for drug use after child birth that it has the power to take a mother’s child away from her on the presumption that its mother poses a threat to the well being of the child.

Despite her insistence that it was food that she had eaten as opposed to drugs that she had consumed, it took Eileen Bower 75 days before being given custody of her son, during which time he stayed with 3 different foster families.

Reflects one toxicologist:

dailymail.co.uk: Bruce Goldberger, director of toxicology at the University of Florida College of Medicine in Gainesville, said: ‘A positive blood test is more than likely not from consuming poppy seeds, but it’s not out of the question.’

But he emphasised it didn’t mean there was an illegal drug present, either.

Ultimately one has to wonder the efficacy and intentions of such program’s and to what degree the use of them only serves to stigmatize various individuals. After all it’s one thing to have the child’s interests at heart but its another thing when all it does is alienate individuals and label them in a way that on some level removes liability from the hospital should anything ever go wrong.

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  • I hope that something is looked into about this and they start to do additional testing prior to removing a child from from the parents.