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Idaho Residents Spot a Strange Black Cloud; Turns Out It’s a Massive Swarm of BEES

Tending to loose bees.

Tending to loose bees.

The Apocalypse is coming.

Fourteen million bees got loose after a semi-truck rolled on it’s way through Island Park, Idaho on Sunday.   Local Idaho news was there to get the facts, get the local perspective:

localnews8: “’Yeah, just a black cloud of bees. You didn’t dare open your window. You didn’t dare get out. You didn’t dare do anything,’ said Island Park Fire Chief Kenny Strandberg.”

Quite underwhelmed by this extraordinary experience, no?  I love when people are quoted with sentences starting with, “Yeah…”  Lends a story such a sense of urgency.

Crews calling themselves “Buzz Kill” (just kidding) sprayed the buzzing mass with fire foam and cleaned up the river of honey left on the highway, all the while getting stung like a pincushion.

Then there’s this seeming nonsequitur:

“I am worried about the bears coming down now — the grizzly bears because there are so many bees there that we didn’t kill, that they will be down,” said Strandberg.

Bears really love honey?  Winnie the Pooh was based in factual reality?  We’ll just have to trust now bee-expert Chief Strandberg.

Also, the apocalypse may in fact be coming, since if all the bees die out, humans are next. Bees are integral to food production and agriculture.  Maybe Chief Stranberg could have called in beekeepers to try to contain the situation instead of killing a whole colony with foam?  Just a thought.

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