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Child comes in for a finger infection, doctor in return prescribes him spanking.


People in authority can not make jokes. Ever.

Courtney Capps, a mother in North Texas, has filed a complaint against the state medical board after a doctor in Huguley Medical Center gave her son this prescription: “Apply large paddle to bottom of child anytime he needs it.”

KDFW“’It was just a very odd situation. It’s not something that happens on a regular basis for a doctor to do such a thing,’” Capps said.

Capps claims that Dr. Carl Gossett scoffed at her boy’s race (he’s biracial), then walked out of the room.  The boy had come for a finger infection, and in return Dr Capps came up with his sure fire remedy for a lawsuit instructions  to treat a finger infection.

Now, several things are amiss here.  Was this prescription meant to be taken seriously?  Was the child being a little hellion?  Was this physician simply at the end of his rope that day?  It was the emergency room—not really the place for a slight infection.  And how is this a race issue?

Doctor Prescribes Spanking for North Texas Boy: MyFoxDFW.com

Huguley Medical Center has reportedly offered to pay Capps’ medical bills and let Dr. Gossett apologize. But she has declined.

Dr. Gossett also does not work at Huguley any longer.

Granted, it is inappropriate for a doctor to write such a ridiculous prescription, but is it appropriate for a single mother to refuse coverage for her medical bills?  This matter could have been already taken care of, but at least it gets the subject of child discipline on the table.

Needless to say, Courtney Capps would never hit her child. Especially if you asked prescribed her to…

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