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Chicago man murdered over dripping air conditioner


You know it’s a heat wave when stories like this come up:  Charles Sims, 28, shot Jimmy Parker eight times after his sister complained to him about Parker’s damned air conditioner.

Chicago Sun-Times: The warm water fell on Sims’ sister when she returned home to the building shortly before midnight on June 1, police said. She called police to report the incident.

She also told her brother, who returned to the building and confronted Parker outside, police said. When Parker denied it, Sims punched him, police said.

Sims then pulled out 9mm and murdered Parker.  He’s now facing first-degree murder charges.

When air conditioners drip on me, I do not get so upset as to call the police, let alone get someone to shoot the owner.  Sims’ sister is to blame for this one.  And for once, six witnesses have come forward to identify Sims as the shooter.  The more ridiculous the crime, the more the community gets involved.