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Australian police given broad power to force women to take off religious head coverings.


A new racist law or just a legitimate law to help police officers identify persons?

Civil libertarians in Australia are today denouncing a new law in the state of New South Wales, Australia which will allow police officers to force Muslim women to remove facial coverings if they are suspected of committing a crime.

The law follows a recent acquital of a Muslim woman, Carnita Matthews who couldn’t be properly identified by authorities because she had maintained her burqa whilst being investigated. Forcing authorities to argue that the burqa in essence had acted as a shield and had precluded them from doing their job.

Muslim groups have welcomed the law, saying that the Koran does not forbid the removal of a woman’s burqa should a crime be suspected.

For their part civil liberty groups argue that the new law is a knee jerk reaction to the Carnita Matthews case and that police could not provide information of how many instances in the past the failure to remove a burqa had hindered an investigation.

Which raises the question, is this really just a logical step to help police officers do their job or an indirect assault and racial profiling of a group of women who if one were to investigate rarely if ever cross the path of the law.