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Aspiring Ultimate Fighter calls a redhead ‘Ginger,’ gets beaten to death

Richard Starks Jr
Richard Starks Jr

An argument between two men, 19-year-old Samuel Smith, an aspiring heavy set ultimate fighter and that of a gaunt red haired 27-year-old Richard Starks Jr., turned ugly this weekend past when the former began taunting the latter about his red hair.

At the suggestion that the two men fight according to the rules of Ultimate Fighting—where presumably no one gets seriously injured—Stark chose to eschew proscriptions and spontaneously attack Smith.. Fellow partier Jason Wansor describes the ensuing pandemonium:

St. Petersburg Times: it was a spontaneous fight in a carport around 1 a.m. that led to 27-year-old Richard Starks Jr. knocking out Smith, his blows laying the larger man onto a chair.

Bleeding near the eyes and the bridge of his nose, Smith stopped breathing after a few minutes, Wansor said. Partygoers called an ambulance to the house party at 4422 Transue Drive and tried to resuscitate him.

But by then it was too late, with the bigger aspiring ultimate fighter later dying in hospital, and Richard Starks later being booked for one count of second degree murder.

For the record, Stark, a father of 2 children has only been to known have had 2 minor issues with the law, once for violating a domestic violence injunction and another time for a battery charge. What he is according to his wife has been known to have a problem with though is his temper.

But Starks also gets frustrated easily, his wife said, so he had learned to take medication and walk away when agitation builds.

This being a party, perhaps one could argue alcohol may have been a precursor to the evening’s events but it would seem the real issue could have been just plain red headed anger.

No study needs to tell me that hell hath no fury like a redhead scorned.  I myself was a problem child with a temper, and nothing could stop a ginger once they’ve been set off.  You just can’t piss us off.

Lesson learned: be wary of insulting a hot-blooded ranga, no matter how competent in fighting you may be.



  1. Sam is my little brother, thanks for not knowing what your talking about and writing it for 12 people to read, know your facts before you go patting a murderer on the back. I waited 7 years just to have a little brother, only to wake up on my 26th birthday to find out he was murdered.

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