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15 year old Daughter of mother of 14 is now pregnant and on benefits like her mom.


Does the apple ever fall too far from the tree? What to say, what to think?

15 year old Mariah Watson, one of 14 daughter and sons of 40 year old Joanne Watson (who coincidentally happens to be the biggest family in the UK) has some good news to share- she’s expecting a child. The bad news- the father has up and left the scene and Mariah is now like her mother of 14 set to start to live off benefits as well.

Like her daughter, Joanne Watson has been unlucky in love too, after parting ways with her husband and then another subsequent partner. But Joanne, who collects 2000 pounds a month in state handouts doesn’t seem to be particularly dispirited. Why you wonder?

dailymail.co.uk: Despite this, she has still managed to squirrel away enough cash for a £1,600 breast enhancement and a sunbed. She claims she has always encouraged her daughters to use contraception – but, inevitably, it seems they would rather follow the family tradition.

Mariah’s pregnancy comes after Mrs Watson’s oldest daughter Natasha, 22, got pregnant with her son Branford, now six, when she was 16. Her second eldest daughter Shanice, 19, also got pregnant at 16 with her 22-month-old son Marley.

Which is to say life will invariably manage to go on at the Watson household, and perhaps in a splendid way after the matriarch of the house finally gets what one can only imagine is a much needed breast augmentation. But of course the Daily Mail who first published this story would like you to feel that somehow you the British taxpayer has somehow being robbed for Mrs Watson’s indiscretions, never mind that of her daughter’s.

That all may on some level may be true, but one ought not to forget there are a lot of indiscretions that go on from all walks of life and if Joanne Watson has somehow managed to squirrel away a tidy  £1,600 for a new and improved her, who are we the wiser to deprive her of her impending treats?

But now that Joanne’s 15 year old daughter,Mariah is pregnant one has to wonder how she too will manage with responsibilities usually thrusted at women sometimes twice her age and older?

She is expected to move into a housing complex for single mothers and will receive supplementary benefit and child allowance for her baby.

The youngster, who is due to have a boy, said: ‘I’m not nervous. I’ve been around babies my whole life so I know what to expect and that I can handle it. The father isn’t involved and I don’t want him to be either. I’m really excited and think I will be a great mum.’

A great mum? But what if Mariah despite her best intentions doesn’t end up being a great mum?What will happen then? Speaking of better moms why didn’t Mariah’s mom, Joanne, not warn her daughter of falling pregnant at such a young age? Unless she of course advised her that getting pregnant and collecting off the state was a no brainer. Or was this just a simple deduction 15 year old Mariah made on her own?

Mrs Watson, who had her first child at 18, said: ‘Of course no one wants their teenage daughters to get pregnant.

‘I’ve always urged them to use contraception – but if they refuse to there’s not much I can do about it. But I don’t believe in abortions, and Mariah wanted to have the baby, so now I just have to do my best to support her.

Who also has to do their best to support her as the Daily Mail would like to remind you- is you, the British tax payer. This one imagines is the point you are suppose to tear your hair out and swear up and down that it’s welfare cheats like the Watsons that have burdened the system and in essence helped to make your life miserable. Never mind all the welfare dependants called hedge funds, corporates off shore funds and reduced tax brackets for the well to do. But at least to be fair, these entities don’t have 14 children idly lying around waiting for their opportunity to one day follow in mother’s footsteps.

But just in case you think you have Joanna Watson figured out, she offers the following:

I don’t know what everyone finds so extraordinary – it’s easy having 11 children at home, and I love it.’ She added: ‘People accuse me of having loads of kids for the benefits, but I have my children because I love being a mum – not for the money. I also get pregnant very easily.’

The mother admits she still wants to be pregnant again – and that she was even jealous of her daughter’s pregnancy.

The moral of the lesson? Some people like getting pregnant and having lots of babies despite their lack of funds, because where there is a will and if there is a welfare state they will manage- just like all the other corporate barons who get to keep their baby golden nuggets of cash.



  1. i think you are dead lucky hun and people who discrimanaite you need to get a life honestly its your body your children , and congratts to mariah xx

  2. she’s 15 she shouldn’t of been having sex anyway what an irresponsable parent she has. The boyfriend should be done for child abuse or rape, what ever it is illegal in the UK under the age of 16 to have sex and the child should have been taught this

  3. @ amonGuernsey

    Yes they should not be publicising their immoral lives though and rubbing it in the faces of hard working mothers.
    BTW to say don’t say nothing at all is a double negative. It should be ‘anything.’

  4. I actually do have a problem with people who skive off work, not just the pregnant teenagers but anyone who does it! I think everyone bashes the Watson family a lot because they’re the only states scroungers who broadcast their lifestyle for entertainment, it makes me sick! I don’t think it’s only Mariah’s fault, it does take two to tango and the father’s just as much to blame as she is. I do however blame her mother more than anyone for introducing this lifestyle to her kids instead of telling them about contraceptives and sending them to work!

  5. im a close family friend of the watsons and i think its descusting how everyone publicly bash’s them, Mariah is no different to the other 50+ teenage single mums of guernsey and should not be treated any differently for it, lets face it, the only reason why Mariah is getting made out to be the ‘bad person’ is because of her last name.. Your all pointing the finger at Mariah, but you would not for a second point the finger at someone who is ”too sick to work” or sits in social all day waiting for money to blow on drugs and achocol! Do you not stop to think for a second how Mariah might feel about all this? She’s a single mum, Yes she is claiming off benefits but she worked for half of the stuff she has for her little boy. Its only now is she on benifits for reasons no one else needs to know. If the baby’s father did not get up and leave she would not need too, but you dont blame it on the father do you? Its all Mariahs fault? Theres alot worse people then the Watsons, but its only them you point at! even the children, how can you blame/victimize the children? Fair enough you all have your own personal opioin but the saying goes if you have nothing nice to say then dont say nothing at all!

  6. Well the people of the UK dont need to concern themselves with this really its not thier tax that is paying for this family. Guernsey is in no way helped by the UK goverment. Although with this family in Guernsey we may soon need a bail out!!!!!!!! I was a teenage Mum at 16 and now my Daughter is of the same age, im not stupid as to what goes on but I made sure she is well protected as I want her to live an eaiser life than I did. Although every child is a blessing to whomever is lucky enough to have one, some have one or 14 for all the wrong reasons. I dont dought this girl will be a good Mum (shes had plenty of practice) but she will miss out on growing up and if she doesnt then the child will miss out on a proper Mum.

  7. There isn’t really any need to comment on how disgusting it is how much of our working population’s money she takes off us. What irritates me equally is how she states in the papers how easy it is but I’ve yet to see her turn up at school and support any one of her numerous children at the sports days, sponsored swims etc if it’s all so easy she should be walking the few steps up the road with the youngest to cheer on the children she has like the rest of us proudly do. I see plenty of mums and dads take time off to do so aswell as those with 2 or 3 pre-schoolers to cope with at these events and yet in 4 years I’ve NEVER seen her in the school grounds…..

  8. As a Guernsey mother who has to work to help pay the mortgage and the bills these people really sadden me. The truth is I would love to have more children but we simply cannot afford it and yet this woman is ‘earning’ £800 a month more than me. We have to watch what we buy and shop on a budget – we are finding life tough but have worked hard. Sometimes I wonder why I ever bothered. I know that I had more self respect than this woman but still… I get just £30 of benefits from the States of Guernsey for my two children. Jee Thanks! I effectivly paid for this woman to have a boob job and for her to live the life of luxury, have as many kids as she wants, not work…. I work, can only have two children dispite wanting more and no I cannot afford a boob job, I have to buy mine and my childrens clothes second hand. A family of scum!

  9. I live in Guernsey and know the Watson’s quite well. They disgust me and most of the population of Guernsey. They ought to be ashamed of their lifestyle instead of going around bragging about how much of the states money is wasted on them every month!! There are people in Guernsey who need that money more than some woman who can’t keep her knickers up! Her kids are just as bad too. They could populate the whole of London the way that family breeds!

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