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Why did this swimsuit cause an uproar at the Rosemount Australian Fashion week?


Be careful what you send down the runway…

styleite: When Lisa Burke sent a one-piece printed with an image of HIndu goddess Lakshmi down the Lisa Blue Swimwear runway at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, she had no clue that an enormous backlash would follow.

Activists were outraged that an image of the deity — who represents wealth, wisdom, and beauty, among other things — was used for such a purpose. Hindu statesmen Rajan Zed explained: “Lakshmi was meant to be worshipped in temples or home shrines and not for pushing swimwear in fashion shows for mercantile greed of an apparel company.” Some people were so upset about the offending swimsuit that they burned an Australian flag in Amritsar, India.

Of course this begs the question how concerned should a designer, artist or writer be when it comes to the unveiling of their work and are we to be mindful of social taboos even if we feel that our creativity is just that- a creative vision meant to inspire, provocate and with respect to this design flatter the wearer?

Perhaps one could argue if designers were acutely mindful of what those thought around them, then it would be a rare instance when a designer or artist would go the extra mile.

Burke yielded to the protestors’ demands, promising the designs would never be produced or sold:

The image of Goddess Lakshmi will not appear on any piece of Lisa Blue swimwear for the new season, with a halt put on all production of the new range and pieces shown on the runway from last week removed/ The use of images of Goddess Lakshmi was not in any way a measure of calculated risk taking, simply it was a desire to celebrate different cultures and share that through our brand.

This range will never be available for sale in any stockists or retail outlets anywhere in the world. We apologise to the Hindu community and take this matter very seriously.

Granted the designer arguably had no idea that what she had designed would create such unease, but to actually put a halt to production strikes this author as heavy handed and a type of unnecessary editing in the creative process.

After all it would be one thing if the bikini came with a booby trap, but if all it suggests is an image, one has to wonder what’s next on the censoring agenda?



  1. Oh I forgot to add there are some really sweet and nice aussies that I know. But they are few and far between and many have migrated to India because they could not stand the stench of the unlettered uncultured genocidaire aussies and their descendants. Of course another thing – they are NOT descendants of criminals that you seem to be

  2. What a silly writeup!! You think its OK to insult the second largest religion and its adherants. Of course this Lisa whatever – being australian must be an illiterate drop out thats utterly uncultured. She saw a picture and since she cannot read or write or even understand even if she can put the letters together she used it. Understandable. But the lettered but uneducated auther of the s**t above is worse still. Can you write ONE SYLLABLE about islam the same way. You will KNOW what will happen. Because Hindus are cultured (that both of you are NOT – along with most in your country – which is famous for the genocide of the aborginals) we react in a cultured manner. But remember we are also human and when we react the pipsqueak country that you are who suck up to US and which had a PM who answered to China will just disappear from the face of earth. Remember our Airforce planes periodically fly over you and your so called airforce browns their pants regularly.

  3. What a PURRRRFECT set of hps, pelvis, and thighs. Of course it helps that the rest of her body is attractive also. But she needs to learn how to have a sexy or at least attractive look on her face. The right smile would compliment the rest of the woman emensely. Actually, I think The Goddess “Lakshmi” would quite approve of the manner in which her likeness is being presented. I wonder what Padimar “Lakshmi” would look like in this bathing suit.
    So the Hindu’s are “outraged”?…..This “Goddess” is a fictional character for Gods sake. ….Outraged??? Unreal!

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