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Susan Bartsch and Kayvon Zand rock the bejesus out the Standard’s Le Bain.

Photography by Steve Sands. The Standard Hotel's Le Bain in wonderful disarray.

Last night saw one of the best hell hitting soirees that this author has come to see in NYC in a while. Hosted by underground darlings Susan Bartsch and Kayvon Zand, the Standard’s Le Bain was a cauldron of dizzy kitsch and roller coaster of giddy delights.

With pulsating glam electro music, the beautiful kids were to be found erotically pulsating to the music and the veneer of their too good looking for you aura. And yet what made the evening a spectacular success wasn’t necessarily because the aesthetics were in place but more because the vixens were thumping it down in languorous demeanor. After all it’s one thing to come looking good, but it’s another thing to be willing to leave looking like an unabashed mess because your mascara ran too far across your face- but such it seems are the wild ways of the Bartsch/Zand collective. And really, isn’t this what we came for?

With too pretty boys rocking it in hot pools, Susan herself rallying herself into high tempo and Kayvon that hawt bitch just burying the crowds with his effortless elan you couldn’t decide whether you had arrived at a Turkish bazaar sin party or some private Mad Hatter tea party gone beautifully wrong.

Whoever said Le Bain was done and out is sorrily mistaken, cause this venue is a cauldron of seduction and free wheeling good times. If anything it reminded me of Le Bandush of the 90’s when as a younger man I used to ogle the supermodels caressing the dance floor with abandon with the finest misfits Paris could pack in.

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