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Model plunges to death after crashing through hotel window.


Tragedy on model’s 30th birthday.

In a freak accident, Lashawna Threatt plunged 5 floors to her death after her and her friend early this morning were ‘play fighting’ at Atlanta’s W hotel.

While the deceased landed on a slanted sunroom roof, her friend, whose name authorities have yet to disclose, tumbled off the same roof and onto an outdoor patio, incurring multiple fractures and is currently is listed in critical condition.

dailymailco.uk: Friends say Threatt was the best friend of the injured woman.

Guerrucci said: ‘According to the witnesses, there was no arguing during the hours leading up to this, either, so it’s really a tragic accident.’

The day started with both women eating at the hotel’s restaurant with friends before returning to a hotel room for an after party before falling out of that room at approximately at 3.15 am.

At present no assertions of unfair play have been called into question, although authorities have yet to determine whether any alcohol or other uncontrolled substances were in the women’s systems.

How brutal and unpredictable life can be, even if you’re a beautiful women in her prime…or celebrating your birthday.



  1. Foul play. Not ‘unfair play’. Unfair play is using an illegal club when playing golf, for example.

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