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Did one homeless woman threaten Dairy Queens ice cream workers with a grenade?


Getting to the bottom of misplaced grenades.

This past Thursday Renee Deshaies stopped by one Dairy Queen store in Mesa, Arizona to buy ice cream. What made her visit even more interesting (never mind her unkempt presence) was the thing in her possession- a training grenade. According to whom you believe she was only just showing the grenade to employees, ’cause supposedly it was all too exciting to keep to herself’ or ’cause she threatened employees’ with it?

azcentral:The woman entered the Dairy Queen in the 600 block of East Main Street in Mesa on Thursday evening and bought ice cream. Before leaving, she pulled the grenade out of her pocket and showed the employees. No other customers were present, police said.

The employees called police after she left the building and told police they feared for their safety. The police contacted the woman as she was riding her bike away from the Dairy Queen.

Feared for their safety cause strange women walking around with undetonated grenades is always prone to make ice cream workers jittery. Or feared for their safety, cause if on the off chance Renee Deshaies wasn’t happy with her ice cream there was always a grenade to force a new tasting session?

Mesa’s Hazardous Device Team looked at the grenade and determined it was a training grenade that could not have been detonated.

The woman told police she found the grenade less than a mile away at Pioneer Park, and claimed she thought the grenade was real. She also told police she was going to call 911 after she left the shop to turn the grenade over.

She also claimed she was going to call 911 after she was arrested but since authorities beat her to it- they had to work out what and where Renee Deshaies had come up with the grenade.

In some future life, Renee will come across a caboose of missing money and will think to call 911 when it will suddenly occur to her that she can always buy more ice cream with a caboose of missing money than with an undetonated grenade.

In the interim Renee was arrested and jailed on one count of misconduct simulating an explosive and disorderly conduct.

If only Renee had left the grenade where she found it…