Home Scandal and Gossip Air traffic controller takes nap with blankie.

Air traffic controller takes nap with blankie.


Who’s watching the skies when your traffic controller is counting sheep?

An air traffic controller at Washington’s international Knoxville airport has been suspended pursuant to having taken a nap whilst on midnight duty. Found to have taken a nap with a blanket carefully stored nearby…

washingtonpost: FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt suspended the National controller after two planes carrying a total of 165 passengers landed on their own while he slept. After learning of the incident, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood ordered that two controllers be regularly assigned to the overnight shift at National. Federal officials are still investigating the incident at National.

And what did the National Air Traffic Controller Association have to say about that?

“Once again, we’re talking about the midnight shift,” said union spokesman Doug Church. “We continue to be concerned with the issue of safe staffing on the midnight shifts and are working collaboratively with the FAA to determine appropriate staffing levels at all facilities nationwide on all shifts.”

At least it was the midnight shift. Which should only reinforce your belief that flying should be done sometime after the airport traffic controller has had a good shave, a muffin and a strong cup of black coffee.

Shouldn’t you be taking a nap too whilst your airport traffic controller is snuggling under his blanket?