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15 year old lured to a horrific death by 6 teenagers.


Cue the dueling banjos! We’ve got the cast of Deliverance right here in front of our very eyes, kids…

Six Ocala, Florida residents have been charged in the horrific murder of a 15-year-old boy who was shot to death, hog-tied, burned in a fire pit, and then had his remains poured into paint cans that where tossed in the trash.

The murder, which took place Sunday morning at a home in Ocala, involved mostly teenagers, who lured the victim via text message; a text message concerned friends told him “not to fall for.”

nydailynews: Investigators say the victim, Seath Tyler Jackson, was lured to the house by his ex-girlfriend, Amber Wright, when she sent him a text message saying she wanted get back together.

After Seath Jackson entered the house, several of the perpetrators unleashed their deadly wrath. Coming at Jackson from a bedroom, the savage beasts beat him with the wooden axe of a handle then shot him with a .22-caliber gun several times. Jackson, who tried to escape, was then dragged into a bathtub and shot once more. The crew then hog-tied the vicim and stuffed him into a sleeping bag, which was thrown into a fire pit and burned for five hours. They then put his remains in coffee cans, and threw them away.

Those arrested were identified as Michael Bargo, 18, Charlie Kay Ely, 18, Justin Soto, 20, James Haven, 37, and two minors whose names were not made public. All, except for Haven, face first-degree murder charges. Haven – who is the stepfather of the minor children – was charged with allegedly helping to dispose of Jackson’s remains.

The killing, which police said was plotted in advance when the five younger defendants gathered on Sunday, where they crafted “a plan to lure Seath to the residence so that Michael Bargo could kill him with the assistance of other persons.”

It makes us wonder, with all of the crazy, murderous shit going on with ex-lovers in our very own city these past few months, is there any potentially jilted lover you should be a bit nicer to?



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