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The sweeping changes in David Beckham’s hair and our kindred fascination with him.

June 1999- Sideburns, blonde highlights and a ferrety beard.

In a role perhaps once relegated to the performer and charlatan David Bowie, who shocked and delighted us with his Ziggy Stardust look back in the 70’s before morphing into a diatribe of looks over the years until his pinnacle dandy buxom look as emulated by the English pop bands – Duran Duran and Wham in the 80’s- it has always been the role of an entertainer to inspire us and bring us into their character role play- off stage and on stage. Of course what could suggest more drama than sweeping and dramatic hair styles and wardrobes?

Heck we even have a habit here in America of only electing those individuals as presidents who have lush hair- the suggestion of virility and pleasing aesthetic dispositions vital to a candidate’s public relations campaign and by extension the cogency of their policies. So it goes anyway…

November 2001- the skin shaved look

So as we gush with the rest of the world with the wonderful dexterity of Mr Beckham’s wonderful hair follicles and his newest campaign (yes- he is a brand more than he is a soccer player- lest we forget), we urge you to enjoy the pictures below and to ask yourself this very question-what exactly defines masculinity today and why is it that we are so enamored with a man who has the penchant to display both adroit masculinity (see his crew cuts), boyish charm (with the fop cuts) and outright flowing locks (Mr Beckham’s overt feminine gestures)- which portends to the feminine?

Could it be that Mr Beckham has become the embodiment of our collective wish list to embody the masculine and feminine, and if so- then the current trend in fashion seems to be right on the money- assuming you’re into androgyny or the implied scent of a man who is in touch with his feminine side…..

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April 2003- the wholesome boy look courtesy of the hairband