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Rad Hourani, at Milk Studios



Rad Hourani 2011 Fall. Image Source: NY Mag.

Rad Hourani— the 28-year-old Jordanian-Syrian designer– recently featured his fall 2011 collection, at Milk Studios. Having launched his line four years ago, the avant-garde designer has been likened to both Karl Lagerfeld and to “vampires.”

Liberated from convention, rules, and indoctrination, Rad Hourani is an anti-conformist with no prior education or schooling. He targets androgynous individuals, or asexual men and women, who desire not to dress up their sex, but desire comfort in any place at any time. Luxurious draperies comprised mostly of black and gray wool, cotton, silk and spandex—his collection evokes a European Minimalism, unemployed by most very sexually conscious fashion designers.