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Mom kills 3 year old son and then cooks him in the oven.


Guess who’s coming over for dinner?

In possibly in one of the most hideous and banal crimes to date, 24 year old Terrie A Robinson is this afternoon being charged with the death of her son Tristan Robinson. To date authorities have not released whether the boy was already dead when placed in the oven and what indeed inspired Terrie Robinson’s actions.

At this point no amount of rationalizing can help explain what really happened, as reason was acutely dispensed with when Tristan Robinson laid tucked in an oven his eyelids swiftly darting as the furnace turned to mortally lick him.


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  • Joanns83

    How in the hell can you make a joke of this?? You are just as sick as the “mother” of Tristan. I read his story recently, and I have seen his picture. That beautiful boy had a smile that could light up a room. I think of him every single day, and I would have loved to spoil him and show him all the love he missed out on. Its a shame that you could make a joke over something so horrible. God will take care of you, just like he will take care of this monster.

  • Corey

    Are you serious? This is your idea of a news article? Janet and Stayci are both right, the editor has issues for sure. How can anyone in the right frame of mind find humor in such a story? Why is it summarized so short into two little paragraphs? Where is the respect for the innocence of the poor boy? How can the editor be professional to say it’s one’s “wet dream” in his response to get such feedback? Come on, what’s up with scallywag and the way they portray news? What’s wrong with this world is the evil!

  • Newark

    This story is bullshit.

  • Stayci Ashcraft

    Oh and PS. he brought nothing to the forefront except a strong parallel of a mother capable of such act and the kind of person who could try to make humor at such. “Guess who’s coming for dinner?” the picture etc add NOTHING to this but a total lack of respect for this baby and those who loved him and insight into a disturbed “editor.”

  • Stayci Ashcraft

    I disagree with you. It’s appalling that you would think one could forget about this poor child within days or hours! This article does NOTHING to help ensure this child isn’t forgotten! Your attempt at excusing the awful choices that were made in writing this piece fall short of even making sense. Of course you need to be creative when trying to capture an audience but even as your “Editor’s” reply to our comments demonstrates, this is a sick individual using poor judgment and unnecessary verbiage which make light of this horrific situation. Perhaps you would be better suited writing for porn or something of the like…

  • Janet and Stayci- The opening line belabors the point that it was a heinous and senseless crime when it says: “In possibly in one of the most hideous and banal crimes to date.” In no way does that make light of the situation and/or the repercussions of what we can clearly see were the actions of a seriously disturbed woman.

    If it’s the oven image parading around your subconscious that sickens you than the article has unequivocally done it’s job; when any editor can haunt their readers with the depravity of the story at hand, their job has been fulfilled. Scallywag brought the gravity of the situation to the forefront instead of tip-toeing around it, instead of highlighting the tragicness of the situation, which is an obvious given.

    Tears and heartbreak from readers won’t bring this child back, and if it’s just fluff journalism that you’re reading, their is a good chance within a few short days, even hours, you will forget this child in the oven even existed. I would put down a serious bet that after reading this piece, it’s not something you will soon forget.

  • But by golly, it certainly got you to react- which if you must know is the wet dream of every writer. – The Editor

  • Stayci A

    I agree, how dare you make light of this by displaying an OVEN of all things!!! As if we cannot derive from this our own gut wrenching mental picture of the awful things this innocent CHILD had to go through and the sounds he emitted while desperately waiting for the one person in the world who was SUPPOSE to love and protect him to come rescue him. She never came. That poor baby. Shame on you for this article. Deliver news but NOT in this manner. It’s NOT funny or informative, if that was what your were hoping for.

  • Anonymous

    He’s a punk motherfucker

  • Janet

    The person who wrote this little news summary is just as DISGUSTING as the woman who committed the crime. WHat the HELL is wrong with you? Mortally licked him? Guess who’s coming over for dinner? This is a 3 year old little boy, who died at the hands of an abusive mother, who died scared and alone and unloved, too little to do anything. What a wicked and horrible way to describe the ending of a little child’s life. Anyone who isn’t grieving and heartbroken when they read this story makes me sick.