Home Scandal and Gossip Man swept off to sea by tsunami in California.

Man swept off to sea by tsunami in California.


How much is that photo really worth?

It seems a man who was gunho to capture the incoming tsunami wave pursuant to the earthquake in Japan this morning may have paid dearly for his desire to capture the perfect picture.

abcnews: A man who went to the California coast to photograph the tsunami wave spawned by the Japanese earthquake was washed out to sea today and the Coast Guard has mounted a search for him.

The missing man was the only reported casualty of the wave that raced across the Pacific at 500 mph threatening to strike with waves as high as 9 feet high.

Who was also swept out to sea by rising surges included 4 other people, 2 who made it back to shore themselves and 2 who thankfully were rescued by the Coast Guard.

What makes this particularly ironic is that although the media and authorities are beseeching individuals to stay indoors and watch the disaster from the comforts of their homes, one has to realize that if not for the valor of someone in the straights of danger bringing us back images that we so drastically crave- there would be no images for us to see.

As of current time of release of this article no word has been released whether authorities have been able to locate the man swept off the Californian coast.

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