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Julio Locarno is shot dead. Karma’s a bitch…


Would Julio Locarno have fatally shot shamed Brooklyn EMT Jason Green outside of SoHo’s Greehouse in July if he knew that he too would become the of victim of a brutal murder just months later?

NY Post: A man charged in the cold-blooded slaying of a disgraced EMT was himself fatally shot near Prospect Park last night, police sources say.

Hit with a shower of bullets— both to the head and torso— the 23-year-old murderer died at Kings County Hospital today.  The police have no suspects in custody.

Charged in February with manslaughter and gang assault in the murder of Jason Green,  a murder that began over a parking space, Locarno allegedly shouted “Shoot! Shoot!” as one of his cohorts shot two bullets into Jason Green, killing him.

At the time of his death, Green was under investigation along with his girlfriend for failing to help a 6-months–pregnant woman who collapsed in a Brooklyn Au Bon Pain. The woman and her uborn child tragically died as a result.

Green and his girlfriend fellow EMT Melissa Jackson were on a break, and in line at the bakery on Dec 9, 2009, when they refused to get in involved when a six-monthes-pregnant Eutisha Rennix collapsed.

Witnesses say that the EMT’s left the bakery and told patrons to call 911.

Let’s recap, shall we? A mother and unborn baby are dead because of apathetic EMTs, one of the EMTs is shot and killed over a parking space at a nightclub, and the shot caller of the nightclub hit is then gunned down just months later…

The world has a funny way of straightening itself out, doesn’t it? We’ve got to wonder, is Julio Locarno’s murder now scared of what will happen to him?

  • sha

    i agree with ms 12986 take this shit down alrady… julio is innocent and loved by many. the person who shot the man in soho was the same man that shot julio afraid he was going to snitch after released from rikers

  • D Thomas

    You’re scum bag! This was someone’s child!

  • Ms12986

    i can not believe you scumbags still have this article up. have you ever thought that maybe the headline is alittle too much? and while you, and everyone reading this is thinking that this whole thing worked itself out. the way i see it is, the same person murdered both these people.

  • I wonder what stereo type understanding you have of journalism? If it is the incorrect picture we have posted we will do some investigation and if we agree that is not the Juio Locarno you mention we will change the picture. But for the record we got the image from google that has linked the story and the man as one. – The Editor.

  • Karma

    So let me get this straight…. It’s ok to post wrong pictures of people? I’ll tell you what I’m going to get in contact the man in that photo, because like you I can operate a search bar, and see what he thinks of his face being associated with the titles of murder and deserving of death. And don’t bother taking the picture down because I have screen shots already. The story is wrong. It’s completely incorrect and littered with sterotypical views of a black man dying in the hood. You need to get your facts straight before you basically destroy somones legacy. This article needs to be taken down, but me ask the “Julio Locarno” you have in that picture what he thinks first.

  • 0944

    this the worst ive ever seen. fuck scallywag and all your authors. but out of shit if you dont know the real story. in the words of my man your a bunch of dirty skanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! butana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Whether we use a picture of a lamp post or an image of Julio, the semblance of the story still remains intact.- The Editor.

  • Karma

    Karma’s a bitch? Your facts are totally wrong and misconstrued, so instead of basically outlineing the post and times articles why don’t you do your own research. In addition, you are on like the lowest site ever for writing and umm…. That’s NOT Julio! Way to be a great journalist, search Julio Locarno on Facebook and copy the first profile picture you find. Great job! And go fuck yourself =)