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Blogger calls another blogger curvy and the blogging world goes awol.

Angelica Ardasheva

But in order to fully understand the degree of existential woe amongst a public riddled with self doubt and worth one only has to explore the comments pursuant to Mr Schuman’s post:

Your patronising comments on her style, calling her ‘bigger’, ‘curvier’ and back handed compliment on her dress sense just serve to further alienate readers who are not a sample size, which I would assume is the larger portion of your audience.

I find the words chosen to describe this obviously fit and slim woman inaccurate, rude and offensive. You wield enormous influence in the fashion world and on women’s perception of what is or is not the norm. Please, choose your words when describing people’s shapes and sizes as carefully as you choose your subjects.

regardless of her size, i find it unnecessary for you to comment on it. i have never seen you address how some tiny little waif did a kick-ass job of camouflaging her protruding clavicles.

Of course protruding clavicles are off base because implicitly we’re all (if the fashion ads and the incessant photo shopping that goes on is a guide) in desperate need to have them ourselves. Or so the fashion world presumes. Of course when it gets caught out it likes to spank the offending fashionista but never the offending overall sensibility which permits this behavior in the first place- ‘that to be cool and fashionable being skinny is tre important.’

A joke right? Not at all- the fashion world thrives on this godsend rule. Especially the fashion publications who like to call attention to  the supposed hideousness of people like Mr Schuman, when a scant regard of their own journals shows nothing but underfed women vying for their own ahem protruding clavicles.

fashionista: The outrage is understandable, though it should be noted that Schuman isn’t calling Ardasheva “big” or “curvy” but “bigger” and “curvier” than other well known fashion bloggers. That’s probably true. Many of the folks who work in fashion who are visible during the shows are really really skinny–skinnier than most. But calling Ardasheva’s legs “sturdy” seems extraneously derisive. No woman I know would ever want to be called “sturdy.”

But not everyone was offended by Mr Schuman’s post, with one reader commenting:

if a duck is a duck, you call it a duck. scott did not write anything offensive here.

i am a woman with a very similar body type, if not more curvy, and find it hard it exhausting how badly everyone is