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Bebe 2011 FALL. Image source- http://johnsimondaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/BEBE-Fall-2011-5.jpg

With colors such as cobalt and magenta on the collection sheet and an overly excited Huffington Post intern demanding if I’m allowed to sit next to her in the press section (here’s my seat assignment sweet heart) followed by front row “celebrities”  such as Sammi Giancola from the Jersey Shore, I was apprehensive of what I would see in the next 15 minutes. A darkened room and a spotlight to the DJ Booth where a rock & roll riff was played by violinist Caitlin Moe, and the bebeBlack Fall 2011 runway collection was kicked off at the Style 360 Studios at the Metropolitan Pavilion this last Wednesday.

The models were also very rock & roll with high pony tails that fiercely whipped back and forth and threatened to hit each other in the face with each passing. The collection matched the ‘preppy and bad ass” theme as the first few looks are matching bra tops in cobalt, magenta, and poppy red worn over fishnet tanks and paired with chiffon satin trimmed tulle ballerina skirts. It was quite an interesting combination of styling. Other vivid colors were used against the black staples, such as citron limoncello, mustard, and gold. It was an attempt to channel 80s and 90s style with this day and ages fearlessness and disregard for other people to wear colors so outlandish.