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Woman Dies From Hotel-Room Buttocks Injection


Isn’t it time you had a ‘butt injection’ too?

It may sound like a classic tabloid rumor, but the smut-slingers over at the AP really have released a report stating that an unnamed London woman died early Tuesday after receiving “a cosmetic injection in her buttocks” at a hotel near the Philadelphia airport. A tragedy by any means, but especially so when you consider her proximity to the world capitol of cheese steaks.

AP“Detective Joseph Murray said the 20-year-old woman who had the buttocks injection later complained of chest pains and trouble breathing. Paramedics were called, and she was taken to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital where she died. Her name was not officially released.”

Police are said to be unsure of whether the doctor was licensed, but do believe the procedures had been arranged on the web — where else?  

Also worth watching is this video report, of what may be among the most awkward death blurbs ever aired. Bonus points if you can make it through without giggling when the bemused reporter reads the words “over the internet.”

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