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Charlotte Ronson 2011 Fall Collection: Grunge avec glamour.



Photography by Arthur Eisenberg. Charlotte Ronson 2011 Fall Collection


A combination of grunge and glamour, Charlotte Ronson channeled her inner teen spirit and brought the 1990’s back to the runway for her Fall 2011 collection on the Stage at Lincoln Center.

The collection was functional yet feminine featuring chunky knit and slouchy sweaters accessorizing printed slipdresses and blouses paired with maxi skirts; the models looked modest yet romantic, with warm, dewy faces and layered looks. Tweeds, wool, and military-inspired pieces were also staples of Fall 2011. Models boasted essential grunge accessories like combat boots, nose rings, and holey tights, which tied together the looks.

Standout pieces included a blood orange shear slipdress paired with a wool cap, lace-up boots and scrunched tan socks, as well as a tweed hoodie and jumper dress combination paired with twill biker pants and a suede combat boot.

Naturally, Samantha Ronson provided the pack-a-punch soundtrack that fit perfectly with Charlotte’s collection. A perfect juxtaposition of fashion and culture past and present, Charlotte Ronson’s collection predicts a warm and romantic Fall 2011.

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  • Jackie

    It looks like the designer just threw some ripped tights or other garment on these styles and calle it grunge.