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Will the world end on May 21st, 2011?


When May 21, 2011 Backfires. Will the world end tomorrow?

According to a California sect by the name of ‘Family Stations,’ led by 89-year-old Harold Camping, who uses “a mathematical system he created to interpret prophecies hidden in the Bible,’ the world is destined to end May 21st- 2011. Which if you believe Mr Camping, means you and a lot of other people along with the world we live in will not exist come May 22. Something that should make you very squeamish if you are apt to take end of world theories to heart.

Which begs one to wonder how in fact he came up with this mathematical system. Was it numbers from a trading algorithm? Was it a secret stock market sequence? Was it influenced by the genetic coding? Did the golden ratio spiral into his mind? Was it from a fractal pattern in the coffee grinds or tealeaves he consumed that morning?

Did Jesus or Mary show up on his breakfast toast and give a lecture on astrophysics via twelve-grain bread? Is there a correlation between the two? As we all know there are twelve dimensions in some models of string theory. Coincidence, I think not.

Prophecies seem to be the thing that is always in style. The world is going to end. God is going to kill us with his wrath. Organized Religion seems to always show us some sort of inevitable destruction of some part of the world; some part of life and that is all it will ever seem to be when organized by human beings.

Harold Camping.

Just in case you are wondering Mr Camping also predicted the world would end back in 1994. Clearly if one takes a moment to look around them they will see that in fact that the world did not end. He also claimed the second coming of Christ that year as well. To be sure we can not be certain if Christ arrived that year, but we are if compelled by a modicum of evidence open to examining such assertions. Which makes us wonder- wasn’t Jesus Christ the one who said he would be coming back sometime in the future some 2000 years ago?

Of course one could also take the view that some individual put those words in Gods mouth or perhaps vice versa. A tenuous thing to prove or disprove indeed. That on principle would require an examination of reality, or at least an impartial attempt to define it-something we are afraid that is beyond our ambit.

What though does strike us as interesting is when people like Mr Camping make assertions as to the validity of second comings and end of world scenarios. Always claiming one thing over the other as if reality cares about which thing you feel is true and which thing you feel is false. If there is anything that reality has shown us over our short visitation rights to this earth is that we have no control over anything in reality. Something even Mr Camping might agree to as well.



  1. This guy should be thrown from the top of Grand Canyon.. Or should be admitted to asylum.. …

  2. Why does the sun go on shining?
    Why does the sea rush to shore?
    Don’t they know it’s the end of the world,
    ‘Cause you don’t love me any more?

    Why do the birds go on singing?
    Why do the stars glow above?
    Don’t they know it’s the end of the world.
    It ended when I lost your love.

    I wake up in the morning and I wonder,
    Why everything’s the same as it was.
    I can’t understand. No, I can’t understand,
    How life goes on the way it does.

    Why does my heart go on beating?
    Why do these eyes of mine cry?
    Don’t they know it’s the end of the world.
    It ended when you said goodbye.

    Why does my heart go on beating?
    Why do these eyes of mine cry?
    Don’t they know it’s the end of the world.
    It ended when you said goodbye.

  3. I agree with you Jill. The bible states that no one will know the day or time our Jesus will come. If you love Jesues and believed he died for you, you will be taken, so what does it matter about our earthly possessions? We will be in the most beautiful paradise ever imagined. I guaranteed he will come some day but the mystery is when

  4. Mr. Camping is truly one selfish individual. He is benefiting monetarily off of the fear of his followers. He has followers all over the country sending him contributions for billboard ads of the coming of this so-called Judgement Day on May, 21st 2011. It was reported that an unemployed woman from Colorado Springs, CO gave her entire savings to Mr. Camping’s billboard ads. Disgusting! Mr. Camping should be ashamed of himself. I guess if we are so lucky as to NOT have the world end on May 21st 2011, then I guess Mr. Camping will do a good Christian thing by GIVING BACK all of the money that he collected for his bogus Judgement Day ads, right??? I seriously doubt that. Mr. Camping will probably be sipping on a pina colado somewhere on a Carribean island on May 23rd! Meanwhile, his followers will all be dead broke, wishing that it really was the end of the world! Please don’t send a penny over to this man who thrives off of the fear & stress of others. How the hell can this man sleep @ night knowing the anxiety & paranoia that he is putting people through?!? Some great Christian!!

  5. Just a thought but, what if I get lucky and am one of the ones saved on judgment day May 21st. I then go to heaven and when I get there I realize that It’s not what I expected it to be and I really don’t want to stay there for an eternity. Now what? Can I get back to earth (and have a 5 month-long party)? Or, how about maybe re-directed to another planet somewhere in the universe that has a similar climate to earth?

    Also, what will the may 21st believers do if the rapture never comes? What will you tell all those family radio listeners who have quite their jobs, taken their kids out of school, withdrawn all their savings? All so they can “prepare”.

    God did not write the bible, People did!

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