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Millionaire Matchmaker party for Robin Kassner!



Latest scandal update- Jan 9- 2011- Are you a Fake Millionaire too? Welcome to the secret behind Millionaire Matchmaker.

Jan 13- Patti Stanger wants to explain to you how you suddenly became despised.

Held at the elegant Grace Hotel, in midtown manhattan, millionaires Robin Kassner— CEO of Haute Beauty Branding and PR this past Tuesday hosted the Millionaire Matchmaking party. Among those eating cupcakes and sipping vuva cocktails were, Stacy Kessler, David Yontef, Jason Teich, Mike Wachs, Dave Vroubel, Doug Kepanis, Bryce Gruber. Meridoc Burkhardt, one of the contestants on the show, was most excited about the premiere; “I came here looking for love,” he said of his appearance on the show. “She chose the man more suitable for her, though. And that’s okay—It’s all a part of the game.” Notable screenwriters, for the upcoming film “Split Ends”—too attended the episode premiere.

Energies were high for a Tuesday night, and everyone lifted his or her glasses to the episode’s premiere. TV’s lit up against the illuminated Grace Hotel pool. Two floors of entertainment industry insiders, girls in dresses and prospective series’ candidates mingled and adored Robin Kassner, as she energetically bounced from interviewer to interviewee.

Patti Stanger hopes people like Meridoc remain hopeful, in a city where dating is like a ping-pong game. The show, meanwhile reminds us that rich does not preclude perfection; everyone is flawed… possibly even more so a millionaire. 

Robin Kassner.


  • Vincent Baxter

    Looks like it was a fun party and I sure wish I was gone. I think I may be a few thousand dollars short of entry though. 😉

    Still, I feel like the show is a waste of time for the “contestants.” Love shouldn’t be a game nor a gamble. I say that those millionaires out there use REAL millionaire matchmaker services instead of playing the odds. Really.

  • DG

    Millionaire Matchmaker’s Robin Kassner released a new Pop single on itunes & I found youtube vid!! http://youtu.be/JoGYnxM48-c