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The tears are flying- David Barton and Susanne Bartsch ‘officially’ call it quits.


Who will now love David and Susan?

Kids it’s time to play some deep depressing music as news reports reveal that famed nightlife couple David Barton and Susan Bartsch have officially called their on and off relationship over.

NY Post: Muscle-bound gym magnate David Barton has split with his wife of 15 years, Susanne Bartsch. The beefy 44-year-old boss of David Barton gyms and 1980s nightlife doyenne Bartsch, 59, decided to call it quits after an extended rocky period. A source told us, “They’ve been on and off for a while. He moved out of their home a while ago, but recently the separation has become more definitive. They have not filed for divorce, and while they remain friends, it is over.”

Which has us wondering why the sudden public acknowledgment? Has David Barton or Susan Bartsch begun seeing other people or is it just a matter of putting good PR to work?

Friends of Barton, who has six gyms in the US including three in New York, deny rumors that he has a new love interest but admit “he is dating.” Barton confirmed the split and said, “Susanne is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever known. I know we will be friends forever.”

Either way, last time we checked Susan’s true love affair existed in the long lines that scurry to see her and longtime downtown darling Kenny Kenny put on their amazing show. Either way, let’s hope David and Susan remain great friends and that the public’s love affair with Susan continues unabated.


Kenny Kenny and his nocturnal entourage.

Kenny Kenny and Susan Bartsch like to play with their Bon Bons.

A Night out with Kenny Kenny and Susan Bartsch. What’s a Girl To Do?

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  • yo yo

    I think that most people know he has someone else. Isn’t she a lesbian?