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Ronnie Wood wants to introduce you to his new girlfriend.


Can you start me up?

Who says love knows old age? Not 63 year old Ronnie Wood who was seen ‘canoodling’ with his hot new Brazilian model girlfriend 30 year old Ana Araujo this past Monday night. The New York Trash Post as always explains…

NY Post: Paul McCartney must have been a huge aphrodisiac for Ronnie Wood. The Rolling Stone, who’s 63, was spotted canoodling with new Brazilian-born girlfriend Ana Araujo, 30, during the former Beatle’s concert at the Apollo Monday night.

Does this suggest that Ronnie is a iconic female magnet, knows how to shop for the right cologne or are we to believe that love and attraction knows no bounds, especially if you have been chain smoking all night long?

A spy told us, “Ana was rubbing his leg and they were kissing so much through the concert. He looked great but was chain-smoking so much before that he stunk like a cigarette.”

Ronnie stink like a Marlboro light cigarette box? Not our Ronnie. Ronnie can never stink, he’s even beyond matinee idol status. And lest us wonder what was Ronnie doing before he wrapped his ash tray tongue around his new nubile princess?

Wood, who was also spotted doing tequila shots before the show, joined fellow stars including Ben Stiller, Val Kilmer, Paul Simon, Chris Rock, Martha Stewart and Howard Stern.

Ahh, doesn’t this remind you all of your youth? Surely  it must remind Ronnie of his youth too?

Behind the creaky rubber doll face lies a man who is invincible, formidable and bound to get some satisfaction, even if us mere mortals can not….

Shouldn’t you become a rock star today too?

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