Home Nightlife Mistletoe Syndrome at the National Arts Club.

Mistletoe Syndrome at the National Arts Club.


Photography by Arthur Eisenberg- Mistletoe at the National Arts Club.

Monday night saw a delightful evening of reverie at the National Arts Club presented by the Roundtable Committee – as co chaired by artist Annika Connor and curator Anne Huntington of Phillips de Pury & Company.

The evening began with a panel discussion dedicated to the notions of romance, nostalgia and beauty. Noted panelists included: Christine Kaculis, the US Director of Communications for Veuve Clicquot, Daniel Reich, the owner of esteemed Chelsea gallery, Elizabeth K. Mahon, author of “Scandalous Women: The Loves & Lives of Histories most Notorious Women,” NY Fashion designer Gemma Khang, Amy Laurent, a professional matchmaker as well as the team from Kiki Montparnasse– the elegant, sensual and of course risque maker of pleasure apparel and ancillaries.(cont’d next pg)

David Victor Rose, xxxx magazine's Editor in Chief Indira Cesarine and Gary Krimershmoys